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Having worked in the cancer business for over 25 years as well as being interested in education and communication, I realize that cancer is still often viewed by many as all doom and gloom.  People think that my job must be very serious, sad and depressing.  However, there is much more humour and positivity when dealing with cancer patients than you might think.  In fact, since cancer will affect almost half of all North Americans, it might be beneficial to deal with it in a positive way!


This being said, I’ve decided to show people that working with cancer patients can be filled with laughter and smiles.  This is why my book is called “Smiles from the Clinic” because I want to share with you the true, funny stories and experiences that I have witnessed in my day-to-day work.  I believe the book will resonate with and appeal to those affected by cancer as well as with their friends , families and health care providers – in other words nearly everyone who’s been touched by cancer in some way.


Adding to the uniqueness of the subject matter (I haven’t found a similarly written humorous medical piece by a physician yet), are the cartoon illustrations that will accompany some of the stories.  FYI, I did not draw the cartoons for this book. I had help from a couple of wonderful illustrators. What is the outcome?  A relatively quick read and perspective from a health care provider who believes in the importance of using humour to deal with illness.


My hope is that the book will serve its purpose in demonstrating that we need to incorporate smiles, humor and positivity when caring for and dealing with individuals affected by cancer.  This should apply to all of us whether we are patients, health care professionals or family and friends.

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