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About the Book

Smiles from the Clinic: A humorous look at cancer


This is a cartoon book meant for cancer patients, their friends and families, health care professionals and anyone else who has been touched by cancer. It shows that humor is all around us, even with a diagnosis of cancer.


We use humor and smiles to deal with stress in our daily lives, and I believe that these approaches (where appropriate) should be used when dealing with cancer patients as well. All the stories shown in the book are based on my real life experiences…..(Dr.) Rajiv Samant


Written by:  Dr. Rajiv Samant and Leah Geller

Illustrated by:  Joe Ollmann

Layout and design by:  Green Communication Design inc.

Published by:  Motivational Press



Please remember that this book was written for entertainment purposes and is intended only for people with a sense of humor.

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